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May 25, 2010

Pani Photo: A review

Today I watched the play "Pani Photo"at Gurukul.The play is written by Khagendra Lamichhane. Pani Photo is about an old couple whose only son has been missing (kidnapped) during the period of insurgency in the country. The play brilliantly depicts the series of everyday events that remind the couple of their son and thereby their hopes with regards to him. The couple is not only devastated by their loss but also fed up with the constant hovering of media and other parties that try to capitalize on their tragedy. Equally frustrated are they with the politicians who try make out their ends by making rosy promises of finding their son. The couple comfort their ailing memories with the only photo they have of their son until one day that photograph also goes missing!

Pani photo is a well directed, well acted and well scripted play. The intermittent jokes and humorous scenes help to tone down an otherwise an emotionally overwhelming play. The typical rural setting and cultural resemblances entertain the audience. However, the ending of the play is too abrupt and leaves the audience bitterly disappointed. The play could be much better with an extended ending!