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Nov 1, 2016

Business Model Canvas in Nepali

Business model canvas is a nifty tool for developing your business model or documenting your existing business model. It is widely being used in Nepal by aspiring entrepreneurs as well as by entrepreneurship educators and accelerators. Unfortunately, however, the canvas is available in English only preventing many Nepali speakers from accessing it and benefitting from it. Therefore, I have translated the canvas into Nepali language and I am sharing it here. You are welcome to use it for any purpose provided t
hat you give credit to me when using it.

I have uploaded a high-resolution version of the document jpg format. It is large enough to be printed on an A1 size paper. Click on the following links for the original size of the image:

1. Business Model Canvas in Nepali (1600X1066)
2. Business Model Canvas in Nepali (12000X8000)

Alternative link:

1. Business Model Canvas in Nepali

I advise you to right click above links and click "save target as" or "save linked content as" rather than trying to open up the image in the browser. The image being too large might crash your browser.

Enjoy and if you find it useful, please share with your friends!