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Jun 30, 2010

CNI's demands to the government : An economic analysis!

Just read about some of the demands made by Confederation of Nepalese Industries to the government in view of the upcoming budget. Here is my analysis of the demands:

Curtail the corporate tax to 20 percent from the existing 25 percent for the production, trading and financial sectors.
Reducing taxes is a very good idea. As a general citizen of this country, you are very likely to have been led to believe that increasing taxes on business and industries is a good idea...an idea that benefits the society at large. In fact it's just the opposite. Higher taxes discourage businesses from expanding or scaling up, makes them incompetent due to higher costs, makes goods and services produced by them costlier and transfers resources from the efficient hands to the government which happens to be the  unproductive sector of the economy. When businesses are prevented from scaling up , many employment opportunities as well as the wealth creation opportunities that could have been created are lost. 

You may argue , "well, higher taxes mean more income to the government and more benefits to the society" but it's the opposite again. Let's see an example:

For every 100 rupee our government earns as revenue about 60 rupees is spent on administration which means 60 rupees is spent on either paying for the government employees who are in charge of collecting the same money or maintaining the government offices and procedures for the same purpose. Among the remaining 40 rupees, a portion of it is lost in corruption. Only the remaining small portion reaches our hands in form of some benefits. So basically we are paying 100 rupees to get the services of worth  less than 40 rupees.

If we leave the tax money with the business , then ? Well, in this case, the business is very likely to either distribute the money to its shareholders as dividends or reinvest it to expand business. In either case, general public benefits. If business is expanded more job opportunities are created and more Nepalese can get employment.

My only question is why not demand an overall decrease in tax rate rather than for some sectors only?

Increase the limit on which income tax is imposed to Rs. 250,000 for an individual and Rs. 300,000 for a family.
Good idea! Reasons: same as above!

Remove the dividend tax to encourage domestic and foreign direct investment.
Good idea! For a country as poor as Nepal, foreign direct investment is the only way of raising huge amount of capital needed for economic growth. At the same time, it will also encourage domestic investments which are very crucial for our economy.

Removal of value added tax imposed on the dairy industry, multiple VAT rate and involving the private sector in installing high power transmission lines.
Good idea!

Removal of export services duty and also a softening of the penalty for exporters to 10 percent from the existing 25 percent of the value of the exportable goods.
Good idea! Nepal is in serious need of exports. It would be a great help to the exports and a step towards free trader.

...a difference of 10 percent on the customs duty to be imposed on imported goods and raw materials for Nepali industry to protect domestic industry.
Very very bad idea! Free trade not protectionism is the way to prosperity. Majority of the world has finally learned this truth easy way or the hard way.  Imposing higher import duties prevents us from enjoying cheaper and quality goods and services from abroad and forces us to patronize the inefficient domestic industries. Why should we be forced to pay more for the local industries efficiency? Such protectionist policies benefit the domestic industries at the cost of consumers. Simple put, such policies make domestic producers richer and the consumers poorer. Such ideas are harmful to the economy of a country! But it's not a big surprise to see such fallacious demands from organizations such as CNI as it's in their vested interest to promote such policies no matter how harmful they are for general public!

Jun 24, 2010

What it means to be a libertarian!

I wrote this article for two reasons:

1) My readers who liked my view-points wanted to know what libertarianism is. It was a new concept for them.
2) I was very very annoyed by this misleading article published on Republica, "Ironing out the People" and wanted to clear out the confusion caused by the ignorance of the writer.

What it means to be a libertarian!

It’s an exciting time for a global citizen to live in this world. Totalitarian socialism and other forms of tyranny are crumbling all over the world with the advancement of human liberty and prosperity. However as a Nepali, it’s a mixed time. For some making history is the glorified goal they want to achieve while for the common man, the time presents problems every other day. The transitory period and political instability has coupled together to create widespread anarchy.  Rampant anarchy is making the life of an ordinary citizen too difficult to survive and progressing in these times is a far cry.  With a dysfunctional government, lack of law and order, lack of a proper constitution in place and the already defunct collectivist thoughts presiding over the public policy discourses, a libertarian would not only be sad but also suffocate in our society.

 Libertarians believe in individual’s supremacy and thereby individual liberty and voluntary exchange of free markets. Libertarians believe in liberty not anarchy. Liberty is the freedom to act as you please so long as you don’t interfere with similar rights of others which means you are free to do whatever you like for a living, associate with others voluntarily, trade with whoever you like, you can speak and publish freely, run your own business and live as long as you please. They consider an individual the primary source of power not the government, not the political leaders and definitely not the kings.  They uphold liberty to the highest value as it is as much our requirement as other basic needs like food, shelter, air and water.  Libertarians despise coercion of one individual against others be it in the any form or name, which is one of the reasons why they hate collectivist tyrannies – even the ones that appear in the markets!

For a society to function freely, it is necessary to protect an individual from being harmed by others through coercion or violence. For this reason, governments are formed. Hence the government is supposed to be a referee who sets the rules of the game and arbitrates between the players if any conflict arises. The government is not a player who takes sides with a certain team and exploits its privilege to use force against the other players. The primary functions of a government hence are maintenance of law and order, administration of justice, protection of a country from foreign invasion and protection of civil liberties. However, our government seems to have failed in all of its primary functions. Neither our lives are secure nor our properties. Neither are we saved from violence nor do we receive swift justice.  Nevertheless, our state never ceases act like a nanny state making rosy promises to its citizens with free food, free education, free health services, which are neither the functions of the state nor are they free as many perceive it to be. It’s an irony that our state is quite worried that we won’t know or read that smoking is dangerous (ref: recent government edict that cigarette manufacturers should have 75% of their cigarette packets covered by the statutory directive) but is nonchalant about the proliferation of violent activities and crimes (most of which are promoted by the political parties themselves) like extortion, kidnapping, murder that claim our lives and properties. Libertarians believe any government that imposes itself in every facet of people’s lives is the major impediment to progress and the greatest threat to human liberty.

Libertarians believe in private ownership property. Private ownership of property gives people incentives to make the best use out of the available resources and it also promotes entrepreneurship and innovation which are the key components of prosperity. Nations and societies who have failed to acknowledge this truth have failed miserably impoverishing millions of their inhabitants like Soviet Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and East Germany. With every political party, exploiting every means (open extortion to land ceiling in constitution) to extort and plunder private properties for their personal uses, our society is in precipices of doom. Libertarians believe in a system that protects every individual be it a poor or a rich person and his property from robbery of the predators. However such a system is still a far cry for us. Yet for all the evil doings and plunders of the State, capitalism is always blamed. For a country which has never seen a capitalist party, let alone some capitalistic policies to promote growth and prosperity, it’s shameful to blame capitalism for the poverty. And turning a blind eye to the advancement of human civilization and prosperity that the world has achieved through free human action doesn’t please a libertarian at all.

Along with individual liberty, libertarians also believe in individual responsibility. When a person is given the opportunity to choose, he is also supposed to bear the consequences that entail. Liberty not only asks for the freedom of an individual but also demands the individual to be on his guard while making his choices. Believing in cheesy dreams and giving away your money and blaming free markets after being cheated is not a likely characteristic of a responsible individual. However, the philosophy of free markets or libertarianism never condones fraud. Fraud is a crime that deprives an individual of his life or property through mental coercion and hence should be punished accordingly. Before blaming markets for frauds such as Unity scheme, a person should question the morality and dependability of the government whose officials including the president and the prime minister were found to have been involved in Unity’s programs.

One should understand that it was the fault of the irresponsible consumers and the government, not of free market, that created the Unity Scam. President inaugurates Unity’s event and the blames goes to free market. No, such irresponsible behaviors never please a libertarian.

What this country needs are more self-reliant individuals who are responsible enough to account for their choices and actions to create a truly free society, a society where every individual is able to enjoy his life and liberties safely. To be prosperous all Nepal needs is sound ideas that promote entrepreneurship and innovation not parasitism of the collectivists or patronization of the state. Until then, libertarians cannot afford to sleep well for some misguided self righteous person is all too ready to blame liberty for all the evils present in our society.

Jun 8, 2010

जल-बिध्युतमा लाइसेन्स्,स्विकृती प्रणाली : अध्यारोमा पिल्सन्छन आम नेपाली

मैले गएको ब्लग्पोस्ट्मा मनकामना केबलकारले आफ्नो सेवा बिस्तार गर्न भोग्नुपरेको लाइसेन्स र कर्मचारितन्त्रको झमेलाबारेमा कुरा गरेको थिए । एक जना पाठकको प्रतिकृया थियो: केबलकारको केसमा यो सबै झन्झट राख्नु लज्जास्पद हो तर जल्-बिध्युत जस्तो सम्वेदन्शील क्षेत्रमा भने सरकार ले नियमन गर्न र स्विकृती दिने-नदिने ब्यवस्था राख्न जरूरी छ ।  उहाको बिचारलाई म सम्मान गर्छु तर हमिले के बुझ्न जरूरी छ भने क सरकारी नियमनले काम गर्छ त । के सरकारले स्वृकिती दिए मात्रै जल-बिध्युत परियोजना सन्चालन गर्न दिने ब्यवस्थाले काम गर्छ त ?

यसै सन्दर्भमा हिजोको कान्तिपुरमा आएको बिकास थापा को लेख यहा उधृत गर्नु सान्दर्भिक ठान्छु:  

खिम्तीका खलनायकहरु

खि म्ती र भोटेकोशी भित्र्याउन अरूण तेस्रोको अवसान गराइयो । अरूण रद्द गराएर ल्याइएको खिम्तीले व्यापारिक उत्पादन सु्रु गरेको दस वर्ष पुगेछ । ८ अर्ब लगानी गरेको खिम्तीले दस वर्षमै २० अर्ब रुपैयाँ बराबरको रकम फिर्ता लग्यो । उसको बिजुली किन्ने प्राधिकरणको घाटा भने १८ अर्ब नाघेको छ । अन्य आयोजनाका लगानी फिर्ता हुन कम्तीमा १० देखि १५ वर्षसम्म लाग्छ । तर खिम्तीले चार, पाँच वर्षमै आफ्नो लगानी उठाएर साहुहरूको साँवा-ब्याजसमेत भुक्तानी गरिसकेको छ । 'उपयोग गर वा तिर' सम्झौता भएको खिम्तीको बिजुली अमेरिकी डलरमा प्राधिकरणले २५ वर्षसम्म किनिरहनुपर्ने सम्झौता छ ।

विद्युत विकास विभाग र तत्कालीन जलस्रोत मन्त्रालयले खिम्तीको 'प्रोजेक्ट डेभलपमेन्ट एगि्रमेन्ट' गरेका हुन् । यसअनुसार खिम्ती निर्माणका लागि प्रवेशमार्ग र उत्पादित बिजुली सवस्टेसनसम्म ल्याइपुर्‍याइदिन राज्यका तर्फबाट खर्च भएको थियो । पीपीए सम्झौता यसरी गरिएको छ कि प्राधिकरणलाई जुनसुकै अवस्थामा पनि घाटाबाहेक अरू केही हात लाग्दैन । अरू आयोजनाहरूले विद्युत रोयल्टी आफैंले तिर्नुपर्छ । खिम्तीमा प्राधिकरणले तिर्ने प्रावधान छ । कहीं नभएको जात्रा हाँडीगाउँमा भनेजस्तै डिमान्ड चार्ज भनेर छुट्टै रकमसमेत प्राधिकरणले तिर्नुपर्छ । यति गर्दागर्दै पनि नपुगेर खिम्तीको बिजुली डलरमा तिर्नुपर्छ । जति डलरको भाउ बढ्दै जान्छ, प्राधिकरणलाई उत्तिकै घाटा पर्छ । अर्काेतर्फ गलत हाइड्रोलोजी -जलविज्ञान) को डाटा पेस गरेर पीपीए गरियो, फलस्वरूप सुख्खायाममा देशका सबै नदी सुक्छन्, तर खिम्तीले मात्र 'बढी ऊर्जा' उत्पादन गरेको देखाएर त्यसलाई डेढीभन्दा बढीमा भुक्तानी गर्नुपर्छ । यस्तो ऊर्जा ४० प्रतिशतसम्म छ । प्रतिव्यक्ति आय विश्वमा लक्जेमवर्गपछि दोस्रो स्थानमा रहेको नर्वेजस्तो मुलुकले नेपालजस्तो अत्यन्त गरिब देशसँग छलछाम गरेर ठगी गरेको यही एक्सेस इनर्जी प्रकरणबाट पुष्टि हुन्छ । नर्वेको प्रतिव्यक्ति आय ७२ हजार ३ सय अमेरिकी डलर छ । गतिलो सरकार र जलस्रोत -अहिले ऊर्जा) मन्त्री भइदिएको भए हिमाल पावर लिमिटेड विरुद्ध ठगी गरिएको भनेर मुद्दा हाल्न सकिन्थ्यो ।

खिम्ती भित्र्याउन नर्वेले नेपालको जलविद्युत विकास नीति तर्जुमादेखि नै यहाँ प्रवेश गरेको हो । नर्वेका नेपालस्थित दलालहरूको अथक प्रयासबाट विद्युत विकास नीति, ऐन, विद्युत विकास विभाग गठनसम्मका सबै कृत्य भए । खिम्तीकै लागि कुनै पनि प्रकारका कर नलाग्ने व्यवस्था गरियो । सबै प्रपञ्च र तानाबाना बुनिसकेपछि जलस्रोत मन्त्रालय र विद्युत विकास विभागले पीपीए गरे । त्यतिखेर सचिव सूर्यनाथ उपाध्याय थिए । रातभरि मन्त्रालयमा बसेर एगि्रमेन्टको नेगोसियसन गरियो र बिहानीपख सम्झौता गरियो । नेपालको आर्थिक हितविपरीत भित्र्याइएको खिम्तीको पहिलो खलनायक थिए, तत्कालीन जलस्रोत राज्यमन्त्री लक्ष्मण घिमिरे । त्यसपछि एमालेका प्रदीप नेपाल र राप्रपाका पशुपतिशमेशर जबरा । प्रदीप नेपालले एउटा दर तय भइसकेपछि दोहोर्‍याएर भाउ बढाए । पछि पशुपतिशमशेरले प्राधिकरणका कार्यकारी निर्देशक सन्तबहादुर पुनलाई हटाएर उनको ठाउँमा कीर्तिचन्द ठाकुर ल्याई पीपीए गराए । अरूण तेस्रोमा विश्वबैंकले राष्ट्रघाती सर्त राखेको भन्दै चर्को विरोध गर्ने रत्नसंसार श्रेष्ठले खिम्तीको तर्फबाट पीपीएमा हस्ताक्षर गरे । श्रेष्ठहरू जस्ताले किन अरूणको विरोध गरेको भन्ने बुझ्न धेरै बेर लागेन । अन्ततः अरूण तेस्रो भारतले लगेपछि राष्ट्रवादीहरू चुप लागेर बसेका छन् । अरूण तेस्रोको विरोधबाट दुई फाइदा पुगेछ । पहिलो, खिम्तीको दलाली गर्न पाइयो, अर्काे भारतीय कम्पनीलाई अरूण तेस्रो दिलाउन सकियो । अरूणको अवसानले मुलुकको जलविद्युत विकास दुई दसक पछि धकेलियो । (पूरा लेखका लगी यहा क्लिक गर्नुहोला । )
 यो त केबल एउटा मात्र उदाहरन हो । हाम्रो देशका प्राय: जसो जल्-बिध्युत परियोजनामा यस्ता अनियमितताहरु भएका छन ।  लाइसेन्स , स्विकृती प्रनालिले अहिलेसम्मा राम्रो भन्दा नराम्रो नतिजा ल्याइराखेको छ । सोच्नुस त लाइसेन्स स्विकृती प्रनालिले कती हद्सम्म भ्रस्टाचारलाई बढवा दिराखेको छ ? नेताहरुलाई घुस ख्वाउन नसकेर कती परियोजनाहरुले लाइसेन्स पाएनन आजसम्म । पदमा बस्ने हरुले जनताको हित्मा सोच्ने भैदिएको भए २१ औ शताब्दिमा पनि अन्धकारमा बाच्नु पर्थ्यो हामिले ? अरुन तेस्रो भयको भए आज देश्ले एत्रो  उर्जा सन्कट भोग्नु पर्ने थियो ?

 यसै सन्दर्भमा हालै सरकारले गरेको अर्को निर्णय पनि पढी हेरौ :

स्वदेशी जलविद्युतलाई पनि बैंक ग्यारेन्टी

बैंकहरूले ब्याजदर बढाएर त्यसै पनि लगानी अयोग्य भइरहेका बेला ऊर्जा मन्त्रालयले विद्युत् प्राधिकरणसँग खरिद सम्झौता (पिपिए) भएका र हुने क्रममा रहेका कम्पनीले प्रतिकिलोवाट ६ सय रुपैयाँ बैंक ग्यारेन्टी राख्नुपर्ने निर्णय गरेपछि लगानीकर्ता हतोत्साहित भएका छन् ।

नयाँ निर्णयअनुसार दस मेगावाटको जलविद्युत् आयोजना गर्नेले अब ६० लाख रुपैयाँ बराबरको जमानतबापत बैंक ग्यारेन्टी राख्नुपर्ने हुन्छ । यो प्रावधानका कारण स्वदेशमा छरिएर रहेका पुँजी संकलन गरी जलविद्युत् आयोजना निर्माण गर्ने लगानीकर्ताहरू हतोत्साहित भएका हुन् । प्राधिकरणले करिब ६० वटा आयोजनाको ३२० मेगावाट बराबरको पिपिए गरिसकेको छ ।

मन्त्रालयले 'वास्तविक लगानीकर्ता मात्र आऊन्' भन्ने उद्देश्य राखी पिपिए गरेका वा गर्नका लागि प्रवर्द्धकहरूले अनिवार्य रुरूमा यस्तो बैंक ग्यारेन्टी राख्नुपर्ने निर्णय हालै गरेको हो । मन्त्रालयको निर्देशअनुसार प्राधिकरणले स्वतन्त्र ऊर्जा उत्पादक -आइपिपी) हरूलाई धमाधम बैंक ग्यारेन्टी राख्न ताकेता गर्न थालेको छ ।

आइपिपीहरूले सरकारको यस निर्णयलाई औचित्यहीन भएको र यसले लगानीकर्ताहरूलाई हतोत्साही गर्ने प्रतिक्रिया दिएका छन् । 'एकातिर बैंक ब्याजदर बढेर उसै पनि जलविद्युत् क्षेत्र लगानी गन्तव्य बन्न सकेको छैन, त्यसमाथि झन् लागत बढाउने मात्र काम भयो,' स्वतन्त्र ऊर्जा उत्पादकहरूको संस्था इपानका सदस्य डा. सुवर्णदास श्रेष्ठले भने, 'जसले पिपिए गर्छ त्यो नै वास्तविक लगानीकर्ता भयो, फेरि थप झन्झट र सर्त राखिरहनु आवश्यक नै छैन ।' (पूरा लेखका लगी यहा क्लिक गर्नुहोला । )
अब आफै बिचार गरी हेर्नु होला : लाईसेन्स स्विकृती प्रनालिले कस्लाई फाइदा गर्छ ? आम जनतालाई कि भ्रस्ट कर्मचारी र नेताहरुलाई ?

Jun 5, 2010

Red Tape , Strong State; Who really benefits?

Just read Muse Nepal's post Cable Car Statism.  Loved it. The blogger has pointed out our concern to a very serious issue. The cable car case is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many cases where good intentions and motivations of entrepreneurs to bring growth and prosperity have been thwarted by the red tapism and bureaucratic hassles nurtured by the state.

So it is especially maddening to read  about the bureaucratic red tape faced by a new request made by Chitwan Co-E to build a new cable car operation in Pokhara. The request has to first go through the Ministry of Development, which formed a committee to decide if it was a good idea. After their prolonged preliminary report is completed, the request is passed on to the National Planning Commission which again forms its own committee to give its blessing before the project is finally approved by the government.
Trust me , the chance of the company of getting the approval is rather slim if there is any. Without passing some illicit funds to the pockets of all the bureaucrats involved , the project will never be approved. Who cares if we love the service provided by the company? Who cares how many local residents of Manakama temple premises have prospered due to the cable car? Who cares how many more people would be benefited if there were to be a new cable car operation in Pokhara? If there had been prevalence of any common sense at all , the project would not have been approved but would have got an encouragement, but the narrow self-interest and whim of the bureaucracy doesn't care at all. Another major cases of such red tapism and bureaucracy is the approval of hydro power projects. We have heard so many cases of local companies being denied of the license whereas we are facing power crisis in such a severe form.

Whenever I talk about canceling licensing system and cutting down bureaucratic hassles, the primary question raised is : And who will check about the intentions of the entrepreneurs? Without licensing and bureaucratic process, wouldn't thugs rule the scenario? Wouldn't some evil hydro power projects take away all our resources? What if the cable car cheated people or constructed the infrastructures poorly?  blah blah blah..

Doesn't it sound funny that people always complain so much about corruption and yet naively believe that bureaucrats and policy makers work for their best? Isn't it funny that people love using cable cars and yet question the morality of the entrepreneur involved whereas they never question the morality of the bureaucrats who have nothing to do with the consequences of their decisions?

Red Tape, Strong State; Who really benefits??

Jun 1, 2010

केही कम्युनिष्ट चुट्किलाहरु

ईतिहासले देखाएको एउटा कुरा क हो भने जुन समाजमा दमन बढी हुन्छ त्यहाँ नै बढी चुट्किलाहरु बन्छन । तल दिएका चुट्किलाहरु कसैले बनाएका नभएर कम्युनिष्ट शासनमा रहदा रुसी समाजमा चलेका चुट्किलाहरु हुन। चुट्किलाहरु दमन नरुचाउने बिद्रोही मानविय स्वभावका अभिब्यक्तीहरु हुन । जब सोभियत रुसमा कम्म्युनिस्म सम्बन्धी चुट्किला भन्ने कार्यलाई गैरकानूनी, जेल सजाययोग्य घोषणा गरियो तब यी चुट्किला हरु झन मौलाय । तलका चुट्किला पढेर सोचिहेर्नु होला कतिपय चुट्किला त हाम्रै समाज लाई हेरेर बनाइएका हुन की झै लाग्छन । पढीसकेर प्रतिक्रिया पनि दिनुहोला :

एक चोटि एक चेक् ,रुसी र अमेरिकी नागरिकको भेट भएछ ।
चेक् नागरिक आफु ढिलो आउनुको कारण बताउदै भनेछ , "हेर्नुस् न मासु किन्नको लागि लाइन बसेको ढिलोभै हाल्यो । "
अमेरिकी नागरिक : "लाइन भनेको के हो ?"
रुसी नागरिक : "मासु भनेको चै ?"

प्रश्न : पहिलो सोभियत चुनाव कहीले भएको थियो?
उत्तर : जब भगवानले इभ लाई याड्म को अगाडि ल्याये र भने , "ल आफ्नो लागि श्रीमती रोज त । "

एक चोटि रुसी रेडियोमा एक विदेशीले फोन गरेछ र सोधेछ , " तपाईंहरुको देशमा काम अनुसार को तलब दिदैन भन्छन् नी ?"
रुसी रेडियोले जबाफ दियेछ , "यो सरासर झुट हो । हाम्रोमा काम अनुसारकै तलब पाईन्छ । हामी काम गरे जस्तो गर्छौ उनीहरु तलब दिये जस्तो गर्छन् । "

एक चोटि एक बेलायती , फ्रान्सेली र रुसी नागरिक बीच याड्म र इभ को रास्टियता कुन हो भन्ने बिषयमा ठुलो विवाद चलेछ ।

बेलायती : "उनीहरु पक्कै बेलायती हुनुपर्छ । आफुसँग भएको अन्तिम स्याउ एउटी आइमै सँग एउटा भद्रपुरुष ले मात्र बाड्न सक्छ । "
फ्रान्सेली : "हैन उनीहरु पक्कै फ्रान्सेली हुनुपर्छ । यस्तो सजिलै सँग कुनै स्त्री लाई लठ्याउन अरु कसले सक्छ र ? "
रुसी : "अह हैन । उनीहरु पक्कै रुसी हुनुपर्छ । हैन भने नाङ्गै हिडेर , एउटा स्याउ खाएको भरमा दुई जना बच्नु पर्दा पनि हामी स्वर्गमा बाचिराखेका छौ भनेर अरु कस्ले सोच्छ र ? "

एक चोटि रुसमा एक्जना शिक्षकले रुसको सम्पन्नता र प्रचुरताको बारेमा पढाईरखेका थिए।

तेस्तैमा रबिनोभिच भन्ने बिद्द्यार्थीले हात उठायो ।

"कमरेड तपाईंले भनेका कुरा एकदम राम्रा छन् तर रुसको सबै मासु जति चै कता हरायो ? "

अरको दिन तिनै शिक्षक फेरी रुसको सम्पन्नता र प्रचुरताको बारेमा पढाइरखेका थिए ।

तेस्तैमा हमिओभिच भन्ने बिद्द्यार्थीले हात उठायो ।

"कमरेड मासु कता हरायो त म जान्न चाहन्न तर रबिनोभिच चै कता हरायो ? "

यो आर्मेनियाली रेडियो हो । हाम्रा एक श्रोताले प्रश्न गर्नु भएको छ , "अरको चुनाव को परिणाम के होला ? "
हामी जबाफ दिदै छौ : "अह कसैले भन्न सक्दैन । अरको चुनाव को परिणाम हिजो सोभियत रुसको केन्द्रिय समिती बाट चोरी भयो । "

यो आर्मेनियाली रेडियो हो । हाम्रा एक श्रोताले प्रश्न गर्नु भएको छ , "साम्यवाद पूर्ण रुपले स्थापना भैसके पछि पुलिसको आवस्यक्ता पर्छ ? "
हामी जबाफ दिदै छौ : "अह पर्दैन । त्यस समय सम्ममा त सबै जनताले आफुले आफैलाई गिरफ्तार गर्न सिकिसकेका हुन्छन् । "

जब पार्टी को २०औ भेलामा क्रुस्चेवले स्तलिनले गरेका अत्याचारहरुको बर्णन गर्न थाले , हलको एक कुनाबाट आवाज आयो ।

"तेत्रो अत्याचार गर्दा तपाईंहरुचै कहा हुनुहुन्थ्यो त ?"

"प्रस्न गर्ने ब्यक्ति एक एक चोटि उठ्नुस् त। "

प्रस्नकर्ता डराएर नउठिकन चुप लागेर बस्यो ।

क्रुस्चेव : "हो , हामी पनि त्याही थियौ । "

एक चोटि अमेरिकी र रुसी रास्टपती भेट भएछ र उनीहरु गफ गर्न थलेछन ।

अमेरिकी रास्टपती: आफ्ना बिरुद्ध आएका समाचारहरु कति को जम्मा गर्ने गर्नु भएको छ ?
रुसी  रास्टपती: अ , जम्मा गर्ने गरेको छु ।
अमेरिकी रास्टपती: हो र ?
रुसी  रास्टपती:अ त , दुई क्याम्प जति त पुग्यो होला ।

एक चोटि स्टालिन को पिए र स्टालिन गफ गर्दै रहेछन ।

पिए : कमरेड , रुसको सिमाना किन नखोल्नु भएको ?
स्टालिन : सिमाना खोल्यो भने त सबै जनता भग्लान र हामी दुई मात्र बाँकी रहलाउ भनेर हो ।
पिए : दुई जना ? तपाईं र अरको को ?

के मार्क्स्बाद -लेनिनवाद वैज्ञअनिक सिद्धान्त हो ?
होईन , भए त पहीले जनावर माथि प्रयोग गरि हेर्थे होला नी । 

बोनस चुट्किला 

एक चोटि फिडेल क्यस्त्रोलाई अनिन्द्रा ले सतायेछ । डाक्टरको म गयेर सिकयत गर्दै :

फिडेल : "मलाई केही गर्दा पनि निन्द्रा लाग्दैन । म के गरौ ?"
डाक्टर : "आफ्नै भासन पढिहेर्नुस् न । "