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May 31, 2015

Read Road to Serfdom in Nepali for free

“Dashatwa ko Bato” is the Nepali translation  of the book “Road to Serfdom” written by Nobel Laureate economist F. A. Hayek. The book was published towards the end of Second World War cautioning about the increasing role of the state and domination of central planning of different aspects of people's lives even in the  then democracies like United Kingdom and United States of America. Hayek had cautioned that the expansion of role of state during war times was likely to continue after the war too and would eventually end up creating slaves out of general public. The book generated a huge debate in the political discourse of the Western countries at that time.

I had published the Nepali version of the book's cartoons in my blog. The post is still among the most popular posts in my blog. And now, Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, the publisher of the Nepali version of the book has decided to make the book free to read and download. I think this is a great opportunity to read one of the most prominent books championing liberty. So enjoy!!