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Mar 29, 2009

Animals are beautiful people (1974): A review

Animals are beautiful people (1974)
Directed by: Jamie Uys
IMDb: 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: N/A

I recently watched this documentary(?) for second time and I was once again rolling over the floor laughing.

I don't know if "Documentary" is a right word to use for Animals are beautiful people,which is an entertainment film that incorporates nature footage and some nature fact, dramatic or comedic invention, accompanied by music. Whatever it is, it is a complete entertainment package for people of all ages.

Animals are beautiful people is about life in the harsh conditions of southwest Africa’s Namib Desert and Kalahari desert. The documentary begins with the narrator saying "You'd think nobody could make a living here." but the whole documentary is centers around how the animals have adapted to the harsh environment and made a paradise out of the place.The film is a serio-comic look at the lives of these animals. Humor and tragedy occur intermittently throughout the film.

Some of the highlights of the film include insects with various types of body air- conditioners ,cartwheeling baboons, bachelor bore getting married,animal residents of the fertile Kavango flood plains intoxicated on fermented fruit,mating dance of Ostrich,the remarkable partnership of the badger and the honey-guide bird, and the astonishingly intricate lengths to which the Kalahari bushmen go to find water., the treatment of the annoying bird by the bushman which are very humorous and uplifting whereas the fire at the birds' nest, the excruciating death march of the pelican chickens is very saddening.

In short, an inaccurate documentary (?) that is humorous in parts, saddening in some, beautiful in some but charming all the time. A very fine family viewing. And a must watch for those who love animals and funny animals!!!

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