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Jul 10, 2011

Blogger's new interface...loving it!

So Google has finally unveiled it's long awaited new interface for blogger.com. After using the new interface for a while I must say it was worth the wait.I am loving the new interface. Blogger's new UI is cleaner as it generally is with most of Google's products and a very useful new feature has been added: now you can views the number of pageviews of every post in your blog. The old cluttered compose window has been trimmed and polished. Now instead of the tabs there is a vertical menu and the list of labels is now a drop-down. As one of my friend in Google+ was saying, "the new interface makes you want to blog ...just blog more". The use of ajax in the new interface has significantly increased the loading speed saving a lot of time of bloggers.

Here's how my dashboard looks now:

And here's the new post editor window:

Here is how the new posts list looks like. Notice the details about the posts in their sides:

So all the blogger.com users, happy blogging!