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Apr 11, 2010

Decline of a comedian and the rise of comedians!

Recently, Bihar's unexpected economic growth has been making most of the economic headlines within and outside India. Bihar which was once one of the poorest regions of India, with corrupt politicians in government and hoodlums and gundas ruling the streets, saw a record high economic growth rate of 11% this year and finally, is back on it's way to prosperity. I say "back" because as it is known that Bihar used to be richer than most of the Indian states in 1960s. It was a favorite destination of Nepalese wishing to have better health treatments and higher education (well, it was always popular among us for higher studies..for the effortless and affordable fake certificates as least) ,it was the dirty politics that took it down the drain. And it reached its nadir during the 1970s when the politicians in love with socialist ideals came into power.

Removing English as a subject form the educational curriculum, promoting violence between various ethnicity, promoting corruption and impunity were some of the prestigious achievements of the then government.The following governments worked even better towards removing the distinctions between those in governments and the hoodlums in the streets. Lalu Prasad Yadav, the famous comedian cum politician and the trademark of Bihar managed to give Bihar a negative growth of 5 percent during his career.

Fortunately, Nitish Kumar who came into power after Lalu, didn't think so highly of comedy in the politics and got down to reforming Bihar seriously. Doing Business Report by World Bank suggests that , he is working more seriously than his counterparts in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. And now, Bihar proudly finds itself embarked into the path of prosperity and civilization.

Sadly, Nepal has hundreds of comedian instead of one like Bihar, which means the comedy show by the government is likely to run for a longer time. Similarly, the audience here tends to find the show more amusing given the fatalistic attitude embedded in the culture, historical context of economic and political isolation, instilled socialist ideals, pompous intellectuals etc. Given the recent context of the show going even more hilarious and the audience clapping with amusement, there is very little that can be done except hoping that someday our comedians realize that no matter how hilarious the show, audience will get tired of it. With their hungry stomachs and their aspirations for free air will either change the whole theater or break themselves free of the chains  of the theater and soar in open air.

Sadly,no Nitish Kumar is in sight yet!