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Nov 12, 2011

Youth Employment: Prospects in Nepali Scenario

Yesterday, I presented a paper on "Youth Employment: Prospects in Nepali Scenario" in a program organized by YUWA. Below is the abstract of the paper and the download link to the PDF file.


Like every other developing countries of the world, high youth unemployment rates pose a serious threat to stability and economic growth of Nepal. Underemployment is more severe a problem than unemployment in Nepal’s scenario. Due to lack of growth in the country, majority of youth are seeking foreign employment opportunities which has resulted in a significant reduction of absolute poverty rates of the nation and a major source of foreign exchange. The trend, although beneficial in the short run poses a serious threat to long term development of Nepal. Agriculture, tourism, small and cottage industries, information technology and outsourcing and foreign employment itself are the major sectors that have potential to solve the youth unemployment problem. This paper highlights the present situation of these sectors and highlights the growth potential of these sectors to absorb the unemployed mass of youth. The paper concludes by arguing that, if we are serious about solving youth unemployment problem of Nepal, we should focus more on the major sectors of the economy and their growth rather than trying to solve youth unemployment problem through direct government intervention.

Download link: http://bit.ly/vLFq0R

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