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Jul 5, 2010

Bleak picture of Nepalese Economy -Economic Freedom Matters!

Read a news article about Nepalese economy going down the drain in THT. Though the economic growth had been projected to be about 5.5 percent, the Economic Survey has revealed that it's not going to be any more than a measly 3.5 percent. It's frustrating to know that avarice and hunger for power of some people has taken its toll on the future of entire population of the country. Political instability is the primary cause of this fiasco. We can safely say, our government has done its best to keep us impoverished.
Inflation control is one of the most important thing any governments of the countries like ours can do to help the economy and ease the economic hardships of its people. However, in our country the inflation stands at above 10 percent!!
Since the last three years, successive governments have failed to present a full-fledged budget on time due to political instability that has also brought down Nepal’s economic freedom ranking.
Well, at least it's somewhat comforting to know that more people are at least getting aware of the thing called "Economic Freedom"!