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Feb 18, 2010

Nepal: Communist Paradise? Yes , indeed but how long??

In his article "Nepal: Communist Paradise"  which was published in today's Republica, Jainendra Jeevan has rightly argued that Nepal has been a paradise for communism because when took one of its last breaths in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, changed its form in China and Vietnam, was crushed in Peru,  it was at its prime time in our country in the form of  CPN-UML.
Fortunately CPN-UML's realization that future has less in its portfolio for hard-core communism made it adopt the principles of Multi-party democracy.

Sadly, almost two decades later, we are standing at the same scenario with UCPN-Maoist  as radical as the then CPN-UML and this time its only worse with a history of a decade long bloody war, 13000 plus casualties, thousands of brain-washed militias seeking enjoyment and so called liberation through violence and what more; they are the largest party in the constituent assembly.

While they are mulling over whether to change like CPN-UML did or revert to a takeover through violent means, I am sure anyone wise enough would choose the former option as it is evident that choosing the second option would mean their complete defeat and further degradation of the country. I guess by now they have noticed that Communism has long been dead already and they might have fooled a chunk of impoverished population through emotions , fooling a whole nation takes more than that. It takes some logic and reasoning. It takes  convincing people about your idea and getting their support VOLUNTARILY. It takes understanding what the world has been doing to prosper so much and acknowledging that there's something more to truth than what Karl Marx said.
I agree with Mr. Jeevan when he says till this date Nepal has been a paradise for communism. On the same note, it has been a paradise for corrupt politicians, corrupt state, unimaginable poverty and despair, manipulation of poor in the name of .liberation. No wonder, Nepal which comes as a fore-runner in case of political awareness and involvement, comes near to the last when it comes to "Economic Freedom".No wonder, Nepal is the poorest country in the world outside Africa.

Finally , the picture of the child in this post speaks a thousand words when it comes to communism in Nepal.

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  1. Great post! Had NC and UML delivered after 2046, we wouldn't see the rise of Maoists. When democratic politics lacks honesty and vision, people easily get attracted to communism and other extremism.

    We have no other way than 'fixing' the democratic politics (I am sure that economic development will follow it) to 'liberate' Nepal. But the situation is so hopeless right now.