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Sep 26, 2011

Development Buzzwords: What do they actually mean?

William Easterly is no doubt one of the most prominent and effective critics of the mindless "aid" industry that plagues almost every developing economies in the world. As evident from the cases of Africa and of course Nepal, development is a very lucrative industry that is harming poor economies like us more than helping us. I have read his book "The Elusive Quest For Growth" and found it very interesting. Recently, he has compiled a hilarious insider's dictionary for development sector. Check it out here.

By the way, here are some samples (LMAO) :

“beneficiaries” : the people who make it possible for us to be paid by other people
“baseline” : a point which is so low that positive results are the only possible outcome
“empowerment” : what is left when all the quantifiable variables give non significant results
“entrepreneurial” : vaguely innovative and cool, but definitely nothing to do with the hated “market”
“sustainable” : will last at least as long as the funding
“ownership” : we held a workshop

Do you have any, add them to the comment!