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Aug 13, 2011

When lions descend on the ground...

When I wrote my reflections regarding our government's noble attempt to save us from ourselves through smoking ban, most of my readers felt I was doing injustice to the government by having second thoughts about such noble attempts. "All you do is criticize government on whatever it does. Is there anything at all that government can do that you will welcome?", remarked one of my aspiring bureaucrat friend of mine. Well, he has a point I admit. Is there anything that government can do that will make me pleased?

Source: http://www.ekantipur.com
Fortunately, YES! I would be happy if the government saved us(30 million sheep as I mentioned in my earlier posts) from the lions that are about to descend on the ground. As you might be well aware, Mahesh Basnet maalik is pretty pissed off with  Nagarik daily, its editor Narayan Wagle and all the journalists and bloggers for discriminating against the lions (Youth Association Nepal) by failing to appreciate their noble efforts to slaughter a journalist of Republica daily and has recently warned us that if we keep discriminating against those poor fellas of Youth Association Nepal for their activities, the lions will soon descend on the ground and sweep us all like Saptakoshi river. He has also threatened to throw Narayan Wagle behind bars and informed us that he knows where the police chiefs live and that they better watch out for their wives and children.

With due respect, Maaliks in the government, please save us! It is one thing if you did, I would really feel grateful. We keep paying our hard earned money hoping that you would save us when our lives and properties were in danger! It's not our fault that newspapers, journalist and bloggers failed to praise their noble efforts to slaughter a journalist. When we were young, we were taught that taking/attempting life of someone is a heinous criminal act and is punishable by law. We , as good citizens should condemn such criminal activities and do every effort on our part to deter such activities.So how come it's our fault that we failed to praise those poor lions for their activities?

Maaliks, you should have taught us that Maaliks were different. They are above the law and deserve praises for stealing, robbing or killing! You should have taught us that maaliks of new Nepal too were exempt from clutches of law just the way Gyanendra Maalik and his families used to be. You should have taught us law was not applicable to you folks. Folks like Narayan Wagle and journalists (and me too!) live in the illusion that it's a person natural right to express freely which includes criticizing wrong deeds of Maaliks as well!

By the way, I would feel very happy if the government decided  to punish(and actually did) the murderers of Rosy Maharjan. But as I hear the person accused to be responsible for the murder is the son of one of the Maaliks at Forest ministry (Disclaimer: I just heard it and am not sure about it.), I am not sure if we are supposed to ask for him to be punished! Who wants to be wiped by lions or swept by Saptakoshi river anyway?