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Jul 5, 2011

North Korea's Jasmine Revolution; when?

Kim Jong Il
Just read this news. The communist regime (read: bastards) has decided to shut down universities and send students to work in factories for 8 months fearing a possible uprising similar to that of 'Jasmine Revolutions'  in Middle East and Africa. I wonder how long these last fragments of communist tyranny will last? How long will it be since the humanity can get rid of this inhuman experiment forever?
But when I come to think of it, we are in no better position. Our communist-socialist-madhesi (read: even worse bastards) regime doesn't let us study with peace. We may not have shut downs for 8 months straight but when counted seriously our universities also run no longer than 4 months in a year. A supposedly 3-year course in our good old Tribhuvan University takes at least 4 years (if you are lucky) to complete. And the worse part is; here our factories are shut down too (for months). So I sometimes wonder if we are even worse off than those communists over there. By the way, until a year back both Nepal's and North Korea's per capita income were estimated to be around $1100 dollars.

By the way, any ideas on how long will it be until democracy arrives on this communist paradise? Or will democracy (economic freedom at least as in China) ever see the light of the day in North Korea?