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Jun 25, 2011

8 reasons why our politicians and our labor unions are similar

After a momentary hiccup around May 28, the CA is back again to its normal political bickering and chaos and we citizens are back to our difficult lives. I must admit I used to be quite puzzled by the political developments in Nepal. However, one fine day I had a click on my mind and the picture has become crystal clear now. The reason we don’t understand our politicians is that we forgot they are the proletariat. To keep it simple: Our politicians are similar to the labor force of our country. Don’t get it? Well, here are the top 8 similarities between our politicians and our labor force:
  1. Both are adamant of high (and ever increasing) wages regardless of how much their skills are really valued by the employers or the market
  2. Labor union's loyalty is commanded by different political parties and ideologies rather the organization that feeds them. Our politicians' loyalties are commanded by their party's interests and ideologies rather than the country that feeds them
  3. Labor unions believe they own the factory or enterprise even more than the owners themselves.Politicians believe they own this country more than the citizens themselves
  4. If they work for 90 days in a year, they expect to be paid for the whole year along with myriads of  benefits. The CA members hardly worked for 90 days and expect to be paid forever.
  5. The leader in the unions is the one who works the least and does Netagiri the most. The leader of the CA is the one who works the least and visits the foreign countries the most.
  6. Labor unions have no idea of what a peaceful protest or a logical negotiation is. Violence, bandas, padlocking is their tools of achieving objectives. Similar is the case with our politicians
  7. Once hired, loborers expect the organization to feed them for life whether they provide any value to the organization or not. They hate being fired! Once elected our politicians expect us to feed them for the rest of their lives. They hate being without jobs! No wonder our constitution making is delayed so much.
  8. Both of them are lazy , non-innovative and violent.
So what do you think? Are there any other similarities that you have noticed?