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May 11, 2011

A traveler and a magician

The migrating rain, the tumultuous heart
The wandering traveler and the magician’s art
All died silently and withered away
Like the jasmines that weren’t here to stay
And finally I summoned my courage to say
I came; I saw and had been conquered
I had denied but pondered and wondered
If climbing that wall would lead me home
Where safe in my shadows I could roam
Or would those rose petals lead me astray
In the purgatory of a night and a day

The sugar scented river, the path of glory
The injured traveler and the untold story
All cried silently and tears dried away
And the perpetual euphoria came to stay
I learned, I felt and have been explored
I Climbed, I fell and yet higher I soared
Applauding the magician the crowd roared
"You don’t always climb to get in and reside
Sometimes you climb to get out and stride"

Oh poor magician you writhe within
My inflicted soul wriggles in my coffin
I fade in oblivion and you bleed in silence
I reach out in vain and you fumble in darkness
I would still have loved you and borne your pain
We could have tried and started all over again
But alas, I already buried my heart in the mountain
But alas, I already buried my heart in the mountain

-Surath Giri