"A" woman's day!

Just read this news today and felt very happy about it. A family has married off its widowed daughter-in-law. This is among the few, if not the first instance of a family marrying off their widowed daughter in law. It's good to see that Nepali society is awakening to the consciousness of the supremacy of individual over society. Social or rather say religious norms and values that subordinated a woman's identity to either her father or her husband or her son are slowly withering away. I hope soon will be gone the days when a widowed woman wishing to remarry is ostracized or her wishes are frowned upon. The sheer amount of publicity and praises this news is getting is equally encouraging. I just hope it inspires more people to awake to the same consciousness. Happy women's day and may freedom prevail!

Surath Giri

Surath Giri is an economist by education and an entrepreneur by profession. He has a passion for literature, movies, economics, and traveling.