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Feb 9, 2009

Namaste! Welcome to my blog.

Well, procrastination , I believe is the greatest obstacle to success. It's already more than a year since the day i had a click in my mind and I decided to create a blog of my own and post something into it. I dreamed of posting my articles and being a famous blogger and it's after a year I am actually typing my first post in my blog...that's procrastination. It is one of the greatest weakness of mine and I guess yours too. Whether one can overcome procrastination and act separates wishful dreamers from successful people. Because as you see, every person can have an idea, dream...anyone who has ever taken a shower has an idea but it's the person who comes out , dries herself and does something about it who makes the difference. I am glad that i have taken my first step and i hope to continue for a long long time. I say this because I have come around so many blogs (many of them were quite good) die out after a while. I hope i will be able to continue blogging for a long time. Thank you for visiting my blog! I will be posting my articles and some wonderful I come across in this blog. Hope to get your comments. Thank you!


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